Friday, May 8, 2009

Operation Prom

Operation Prom is quite an ambitious program aimed at local high school kids to give them pause about drinking and driving.

It includes a dramatized accident complete with first responders and real life testimony from the folks who have to deal with the carnage.

More than 800 Lakewood Ranch High School students received the program Thursday, and it will be presented at Bayshore High today.

Here's a note from a reader on today's article:

"I read you wonderful article this morning on the consequences of bad choices. We can only hope and pray that the reenactment shows our students what really does happen. It is with the help of all the dedicated departments you printed, however, you did leave out one company. Matt's Express Towing & Recovery, Inc., (Matt McKinnon, owner) is the company that stores the two DUI vehicles and sets up that portion of the scenario's for the high schools (at least LWR Ranch and Bayshore this year). Last year it was Braden River High School.

"Matt is moved each time he sees the reenactment. This is a contribution he does because as you may know, he sees the other side too. It's hard for a towing company to go on scene after these terrible accidents and deal with the families aftewards. Of course, he never fully knows the impact that the families go through, he can only imagine. Thank you."


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