Friday, May 1, 2009

Old Florida, the real deal

As a boy growing up in St. Augustine in the 1950s, I remember visiting fishing camps a time or two along the St. Johns River. They were and still are unique places with wonderful views, fresh air, and plenty of characters.

But they seem to be disappearing. On Friday, Manatee County unveiled plans for Jiggs Landing Park, and a fomer resident who lived there from 1953 to 1964, was present. Understandably, she became emotional, but in a good way. Some of what she remembers will live on for future generations.

For more, see Saturday's Bradenton Herald.

Speaking of history, my mailbox lately has been seeing more letters advertising hearing aids, financial planning for retirement, and even inviting me to a mature drivers course. Is someone trying to tell me something? For more, see my column in Sunday's Herald.


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