Friday, March 7, 2014

Primrose preschoolers help kids in need to read

Preschoolers at the Primrose School at Lakewood Ranch Town Center and their families recently participated in a program to help provide books for local children in need in honor of Read Across America Day this month.

“Our philosophy and literacy goals at Primrose directly align with Read Across America Day, and it was truly a great day for the community and the entire country to establish a regular reading routine, promote early childhood education and celebrate the power of literacy together,” said Sharon Frank, owner, in a media release.

The book donation drive is a part of Og’s Bountiful Books, a Primrose reading program designed to encourage parents to read to their children at home and send in favorite books to school to share with their classmates and those in need. “Og” is the official Primrose school bookworm – as well as one of the school’s character development mascots.

From left, Brock Morgan, 5; Maddox Bose, 5; Max Bradley, 5; Lucy Preston, 6; and Ella Hartigan, 5. PHOTO PROVIDED
From left, Braxton Taylor, 4; Parker Lui, 4; Layla Bianes, 4; and Laila Pumarejo, 4. PHOTO PROVIDED

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