Monday, July 30, 2012

Kangaroo at animal rescue loses fight for life

By Nick Williams

For a while, it appeared Poppy, a 1-year-old female kangaroo taken in by Majical Miniatures, a non-profit wild and exotic animal rescue sanctuary in Parrish, would overcome a sad situation.

About five weeks ago, Majical Miniatures took Poppy in and immediately ordered surgical procedure to pin her heel bone back to her foot. Poppy's only other option was euthanasia.

The surgery was a success and Poppy started her long road back to recovery. But a few weeks after the procedure, she showed signs of respiratory failure. She died on Tuesday.

"It was the last thing we expected," said Jan Doherty, vice president of the organization. "Sometimes it will happen from things going on chronologically."

Poppy was born and raised in a small captive area and was unable to roam to allow her tendons and ligaments to stretch fully. When Poppy was purchased and shipped to a second and larger location, her heel bones broke away from her major foot bones when she tried to run for the first time.

"She taught us a lot about what you can go through at a young age and tolerate," Doherty said.

At Majical Miniatures, Poppy was able to live like a kangaroo. She ate regularly and roamed her habitat.

"It was tough on all of us," Doherty said. "She was pretty special little girl. She was a fighter and she really tried."

Majical Miniatures needed to pay roughly $4,000 for Poppy's procedure. The non-profit is asking for donations to offset the expenses.

For more information on Majical Miniatures, click here

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