Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kangaroo taken in by Majical Miniatures requires surgery

By Nick Williams

Photo provided by Majical Miniatures
Majical Miniatures, a non-profit wild and exotic animal rescue sanctuary in Parrish, is asking for donations to help rehabilitate and surgically repair a ligament injury in a 1-year-old female kangaroo named Poppy.

The organization said Poppy was born and raised in a small captive area and was not able to roam to allow her tendons and ligaments to stretch fully. When Poppy was purchased and shipped to a second and larger location, her heel bones broke away from her major foot bones when she tried to run for the first time.

Poppy was recently transported to Majical Miniatures and to fix the injury, the sanctuary will need to order a surgical procedure to pin the heel bone back to her foot. Poppy's only other option is euthanasia.

The expenses of her medical and rehab care will be cost between $4,000 and $6,000.

To donate, visit or call 941-981-9121.


  1. Thank you for sharing. The staff & volunteers at Majical Miniatures do a wonderful job caring for the animals at the sanctuary. There is also a special online fundraiser set up to benefit Poppy at

  2. UPDATE:
    Poppy is one week post surgery and hanging in there. Over the weekend she started to go outside for brief periods of time to get some fresh air and sunshine which is critical for her healing. We are cleaning and dressing the feet daily and keeping her medicated for the infection and pain. She is also getting laser treatments on her feet to help decrease the inflammation, treat the infection and promote healing. Poppy has started to lose her appetite some so we are constantly looking for new ways to interest her in food. Good nutrition is essential for her recovery.

    Poppy is almost a 24/7 responsibility but she is one feisty little girl with a strong will to survive. She is a tough little kangaroo and well worth all the effort.