Sunday, April 29, 2012

University Park has earth-friendly news, too

Left to right:  Maureen Hager, Michelles Atkinson, coordinator for Florida Friendly program, Emily Vosnos, Henley Neighborhood Chair.  Polly Curran not shown.  Provided photo by Polly Curran

Michelle Atkinson recently presented representatives of the Henley neighborhood of University Park with a certificate for its common area as Certified Florida Friendly.

Atkinson is the coordinator for the University of Florida program through the Manatee County Extension Services. 

Also recognized were the homes of Emily Vosnos, neighborhood chair, and representatives Maureen Hager and Polly Curran. 

This is the first neighborhood in the University Park community to achieve this designation by applying the 9 principals of Florida Friendly Landscaping. 

To learn more about this program go to: 

The goal is to continue to educate the community in best practices for drought-tolerant, drought-resistant, right plant-right place concept. This program and assistance from the county extension services is free to all residents. 

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