Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Council's burgers are art, too, and worth risking the war zone

Dwayne Johnson was installing a new water meter in front of Council's on Tuesday. (Photo Jim Jones)

Noon today, we stopped by Village of the Arts to interview a wood sculptor who will be taking part in The Creative Arts Association 10th Annual Art Show and Sale 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Nov. 19 at Lakewood Ranch Town Hall.

The need to get a story is a powerful motivator, but so is hunger. On the way back to the newsroom we stopped by Council's Recreation Parlor, 536 12th St. W., Bradenton.

For those who have never been, Council's is a pool palace with well worn linoleum  floors and lots of Florida Gator and Manatee High School football memorabilia on the walls. But the burgers, served on a napkin, are the main draw. Best in town, and like they say, they were making burgers back in the day that if someone said McDonald's, you  thought they were talking about a farm.

Council's sits across the street from the historic Manatee Courthouse which is undergoing renovations. It's on a street where people come who are in trouble: lots of bail bondsmen and law offices. 

The Manatee Avenue widening project has many streets in the area that are torn up or blocked off. And on top of that, the sidewalk in front of Council's has a big hole in it, where Bradenton workers are installing a new water meter and backflow preventor.

In other words, it's a war zone. To get to Council's these days, it takes courage, determination and an overwhelming burger drive.

Happy to say that in spite of the difficulties, the lunch counter was packed. Lots of courthouse workers in white shirts and ties, along with blue-collar laborers and a senior citizen or two. Ah, the power of a well-made burger!


The courthouse across the street from Council's is under renovation. (Photo Jim Jones)

Dwayne Johnson stands in a hole in front of Council's where a water meter is being installed. (Photo Jim Jones)

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