Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Charlie Brown would be proud: the Great Pumpkin decorating contest

Shades of Tim Burton, Danny Elfman, the Cabbage Patch Kids and Charlie Brown.

How could anyone resist the fun of  Dr. Jeff Thompson's second pumpkin decorating contest.

The second-generation Bradenton orthodontist  provides and delivers pumpkins to more than 20 local dental offices. 

"We wanted to do something fun, unique and get the whole dental team involved. We have one rule, which is that they cannot cut, gut or carve the pumpkin. Other than that anything goes and it’s all about imagination. It’s been amazing to see all the creativity," he said in an email to the Herald.

" Two weeks prior to Halloween each of our patients vote on which pumpkin they feel is the most creatively decorated. We’ve seen everything from a red M&M to an aquarium, a beaver to Dracula, scuba diver to Jack Sparrow and a graveyard. They’ve all been incredible," he wrote.

The grand prize winner also gets their name engraved on a traveling custom made trophy,what he calls the Stanley Cup of pumpkin decorating."

 It brings the community and our local dental professionals together.  Then everybody’s a winner and smiling, he said.

This year's winner: Dr. Margaret Kirkland’s office.

Check out the gallery:

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