Friday, May 6, 2011

Well, hello again, Julianna Ballard

Julianna in 2002
Julianna Ballard (left) with Lisa Hertensen and Deelayna Scarbrough. (Photo Jim Jones)
My, how time flies.

I was reminded of that at the Manatee County Commission workshop in Myakka City Thursday night. One of the ladies behind the serving line (the hospitable Myakkans fed the residents and commissioners who turned out), Deelayna Scarbrough, stopped me as I squeezed through the crowd and thanked me for an article I wrote years ago.

It was 2002, and her daughter, Julianna Ballard, was a broken-hearted little girl who had lost the pig she planned to sell at the Manatee County Fair. Back then Julianna was a Bashaw Elementary School student.

There have been hundreds, maybe thousands of stories written since then, but I still remembered the story, if not Julianna's name.

Not that I would have recognized her. She's now a Braden River High School student.

See the then and now photos yourself. And if you want to revisit the original article, here's a link:


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