Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Big losers at Braden River Elementary

 August 2010 (from left): Genny Knopf, Lisa Camuto and Kathy Keebler. Provided photo
May 2011 (from left): Kathy Keebler, Lisa Camuto, and Genny Knopf. Provided photo
Three co-workers at Braden River Elementary School are vying to be selected for a future marketing campaign by Medi Weight Loss.
"Even if we don't get selected, we are very proud of our results," said school receptionist Kathy Keebler.

The pride is justified. The trio lost a combined 146 pounds.
In July, Lisa Camuto, school secretary/bookkeeper,  began the Medi program at a weight of 202 pounds. She lost 60 pounds, exceeding her goal with a weight of 142.

A month later, Genny Knopf, school registrar, began the program at a weight of 196 pounds. Genny  lost 50.8 pounds, meeting  her first goal with a  weight of 145 pounds.

In September, Kathy Keebler began with a weight of 178 pounds, and lost 27 pounds. She is still working to meet her goal of 138 pounds. 

The dramatic changes -- take a look at the before and after photos -- have worked wonders for health, body image and lifestyle.

"The School Board of Manatee County also has played, and continues to play, an important role in our success due to its focus on wellness, preventive care, and healthy living," Keebler said.

Awesome achievement. Congratulations ladies!


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