Friday, April 1, 2011

Old cell phone collecting dust?

One more job for unused phone.
Notice anything unusual about this cell phone?

Give up?

It's branded with the word "Cingular." Cingular was renamed with another company's name in 2007.

That  gives you an idea of how long this flip-top piece of slightly vintage technology has been sitting in a box in a closet.

No longer. This morning it was turned in at Braden River High School for the Cell Phones for Soldiers project. Braden River and Cox Chevrolet are partnering on the project.

If you have an unused cell phone, you also can  turn it in at Cox Chevrolet or Braden River High School.

The cell phones are forwarded to ReCellular to provide calling cards for members of the U.S. armed forces serving overseas.

The program starts today and runs until April 15.

Tampa Bay General Motors franchises and schools are competing for a chance to win a free in-school concert by the country band Steel Magnolia.

But more importantly, your donation can help bring a little bit of home to a defender of our freedoms serving far away.


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