Saturday, April 2, 2011

Boys and their toys

Among all the activities at the Big Blast fest Saturday, the thing that sticks in my head is the gargantuan slingshot kids used to hurl water balloons into the next county.

Actually they didn't go quite that far, but they went far enough.

I think I detected a little sibling rivalry between Dylan and Owen Aguirrezabal over who could achieve the longest, highest trajectory.

Take  a look at these faces... Owen seems more relaxed, but Dylan is on his back on the ground  pulling with all his might on the slingshot.

The slingshot was the Lakewood Ranch Rotary Club's contribution to the fest, a benefit at Lakewood Ranch's Central Park for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Suncoast.

You know what else the slingshot reminded me of? The pumpkin chunkin' cannon that Bill Stenger and David Hunsader collaborated on and which is now a regular part of the Hunsader Pumpkin Festival.

Somehow, we just never quite grow out of the fascination with our contraptions and what we can do with them.


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