Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No snow blower? No problem

Sun filters through the oaks on Zipper Road.
Breeze puts flags into motion at the veterans memorial at San Marco Plaza.
Sandhill cranes pause before crossing University Parkway.
Sandhill cranes look both ways before crossing University Parkway.
Look at these photos. Can you tell in what state and when they were taken?

Obviously, it's  Florida, given the lack of snow on the ground. And more specifically, East Manatee. No need to call Mayor Bloomberg and complain about snow drifts keeping you socked in at your house.

The photos were taken the afternoon of Dec. 29 after a record-setting freeze this morning for this area. But in midafternoon, the weather was nice, putting anyone lucky enough to be outside in not only the state of Florida, but in a state of bliss.

For the record, the sandhill cranes were photographed in the median of University Parkway east of Lorraine Road. The American flag and fountain were photographed at the new veterans memorial at San Marco Plaza in Lakewood Ranch, a very peaceful place. And those southern oaks, draped in Spanish moss, were photographed on Zipper Road.


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