Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hmm, what's it look like on the other side?

Photo: Jim Jones/
Arlene Merriman takes a look through the window of a cabin at Jiggs Landing, furnished the way it might have been in 1950.

  We spotted this image at the grand reopening of the new county park at Jiggs Landing on Saturday. Arlene Merriman is looking out, while a couple of other visitors were looking in. There's lots to see at Jiggs Landing.

 In case you've never been there, take State Road 70 to the edge of Tara, turn south on Braden River Road and continue to its intersection with Linger Lodge Road. You have arrived!

Jiggs Landing is a precious resource now available to all those who live in or visit Manatee County. Someone called it a jewel among Manatee's public lands, and I wouldn't argue with that description.

For more, see Sunday's Herald.


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