Sunday, July 18, 2010

Plenty of raw emotion

When a four-member team from Southern Manatee Fire & Rescue returned tonight to Bradenton with a window column support beam from the World Trade Center, there was plenty of raw emotion.

There were a few tears, and plenty of red, white and blue from several hundred people who gathered in the gloom at Firkin & Fox Restaurant to greet the team, and more than a few had some kind of a personal connection with the fallen towers.

A chef who once cooked meals high atop the World Trade Center, and who now teaches at Southeast High School was there. And any number of firefighters who will always feel a special kinship with nearly 350 fire fighters who died in the towers were there.

No matter that the team and their very long motorcycle escort arrived an hour late. Blame it on a flat tire in Georgia.

And did we say that when the team rolled into the restaurant parking lot, it was 9:11 p.m.?

For more, see Monday's Herald.


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