Thursday, July 15, 2010

Like Grandma's house, sort of

The Central Park project at Lakewood Ranch is really good news for Manatee County with the jobs it has created and the hoped-for boost to the economy.

It's a big gamble for developer Pat Neal, who has invested millions to turn pasture into a new family-oriented neighborhood. Pat believes that he has timed the market perfectly and is positioned to benefit from a rebound, especially with houses that start at $126,990.

I had a chance to preview Central Park today and it is beautifully done. There were  children from the Y playing in the park. With their squeals and laughter, it didn't take much to imagine how daily life might be at Central Park this time next year.

A Bruce Williams model caused me to do a double take. The exterior is reminiscent of the house my grandmother had in St. Augustine back in the 1950s. Front porch, a series of columns out front. It gives it that neighborhood feeling. Inside, however, it's all up-to-date, spacious and attractive. Grandma wouldn't recognize it.

Here's hoping for great success with this new development, coming as it does now in such difficult economic times.

For more, see Friday's Herald.


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