Friday, January 24, 2014

Do you prefer the red sculpture, or the blue one?

Sculpture photo by Charleen Gorbet
There are lots of art lovers at Palm-Aire.

Charleen Gorbet, of the Art Association of Palm-Aire, shared with us the experience of  Elaine Beggs, who recently  went on a docent-guided tour of Sarasota's annual Bayfront Sculpture Walk.

 Here is Charleen's report:

Asked what impressed her most, Elaine said, “The variety of materials, from stone to shiny glazed ceramics. And the enormous effort that has to go into the planning, siting and installation of these huge sculptures.”

In her tour group, co-curator Fayanne Hayes described the extensive process of selecting the pieces and the considerations for installation. “They had to consider protection from the sea air and other pollution, sightlines, and the size of cranes required for lifting the pieces. The blue ceramic head by Jun Kaneko weighs 5,000 pounds!”
Sculpture photo by Charleen Gorbet

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