Thursday, December 12, 2013

Asolo Repertory Theatre Guild entertains Palm-Aire art group with 'Fractured Fairy Tales'

Event organizer Helen Martin, center, with the Asolo Theatre Guild Play Readers
Photo by Marilyn Nordby
The Play Readers of the Asolo Repertory Theatre Guild were in fine form as they recently entertained members of  the Art Association of Palm-Aire with “Fractured Fairy Tales” during their opening luncheon. 

Thessocial-commentary versions of Grimm’s tales kept the audience laughing  with questions such as:

What if Chicken Little was less concerned with the sky falling than with who to sue? 

What if the Big Bad Wolf was a nasty businessman trying to put three honest competitors out of business?

And what if Red Riding Hood was a resourceful animal lover who didn’t need the Woodsman to save her and Grandma from the wolf?  

Member-guests Susan Hubley, Mary Sarro and Nan Miller.
Photo by Marilyn Nordby

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