Wednesday, September 25, 2013

SMR Farms named Tropicana Grower of the Year

For a fifth straight year, SMR Farms has been selected as a Tropicana Grower of the Year for the 2012-13 citrus harvesting season.
The award from Tropicana Products, Inc. is based on "fruit quality, load quality, fruit variety mix and agribusiness management," according to a media release from SMR. Also considered are harvesting methods, grove practices, labor programs and commitment to agricultural sustainability.
“It’s a great feeling to see our citrus operations recognized in this way," said SMR Farms President, Mac Carraway in the release. "In spite of the very real and difficult challenges we face in the citrus industry, our production team continues to do a great job.”
Steve John, SMR Farms’ citrus production manager added that “we have a great relationship with Tropicana, and working with a top-line company like Tropicana certainly keeps us on our toes.”
SMR Farms and Tropicana are partnering on a multi-year citrus fertilization project aimed at comparing traditional fertilizers with low-carbon-footprint products as part of Tropicana’s global sustainability efforts.

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