Monday, November 26, 2012

Palm-Aire artists launch fundraiser for Ringling scholarship

President Barbara Saabye with Helen Fleder, one of the founding members of the Art Association (provided photo)
Charleen Gorbet reports the Art  Association of Palm-Aire Country Club is offering an unusual painting as a fundraiser for the Ruth Levin Scholarship awarded to a Ringling College student

Hats Off
 (provided photo)
 Five artists collaborated to make the painting, using different techniques.

The association kicked off its 30th Anniversary Year on Nov. 16 with a champagne lunch at the club for 118 attendees.

 Raffle tickets will be sold through January.

Fitting the luncheon theme “Pearls of Wisdom,” guests Carol Sparrow and Randy Locke  demonstrated a master class with voice students Esther Dickman and Tyler Bazenas from State College of Florida.

Key advice: “Your entire body is your instrument - take care of it!”

The music and pure voices were a fitting start to a season packed with activities to celebrate 30 years of growth and development, from 31 to 155 members.

Composed of practicing artists as well as people who simply appreciate the arts, the group sponsors workshops, field trips, and special events through the season, culminating in an art show in April which is open to the public.

Scholarship Bus Trip Committee, Marcia Knight, Marcia Bachura and Joan Paulus (provided photo)

Luncheon Committee: Marilyn Nordby, Gela Rozic, Helen Martin and Judy Hall. (provided photo)

Randy Locke and Carol Sparrow, Opera Stars and their students Tyler Bazenas and Esther Dickman who presented a Master Class with Voice (provided photo)

Voice students: Tyler Bazenas and Esther Dickman, during the Master Class for Voice presentation (provided photo)

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