Monday, October 29, 2012

The people behind that home-grown food live right here in Manatee County

I love this photo by Richard Dymond of Ben King, taken at King Farm in East Manatee on Sunday.

See that corn in the  basket? I know that corn. Several years ago Ben invited me out to his farm, and I had a chance to eat an ear, raw. Tender, sweet, delicious. Who knew that was possible? Still, I think I prefer mine cooked.

Some sad news also came out of the National Food Day event. Ben and Shelby King announced they won't be reopening their farm market this season. Too much competition from international growers who don't have to compete by the same rules.

Here's hoping that Ben and Shelby can reopen the market next year. They are wonderful people who live the mantra of safe, nutritious, sustainable farming.

For more about the Kings, see stories by Richard Dymond (@RichardDymond) and Nick Williams (@_1NickWilliams) below.

However, we also just learned that the O’Brien Family Farms store and education center, 16505 State Road 64 E., will re-open to the public on Thursday, Nov. 1

O’Brien’s farm stand features hydroponically grown fresh fruits and vegetables.

The farm stand carries 90 percent local produce grown at O’Brien Family Farms where customers can pick their own in our hydroponic farm or buy in bulk.

Last season O’Brien had groups from elementary, middle, high and special needs schools to learn about the live bee hive observatory, farming and to pick their own fruits and vegetables. This season O’Brien is looking forward to more groups and field trips, “we’re looking forward to educating chefs, schools, Leadership Manatee and more groups on the importance of farming and agriculture.”

-- Jim Jones

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