Thursday, August 16, 2012

Will they get answers? Willowbrook condo association meeting tonight

By Nick Williams

Homeowners from the Willowbrook town home community in East Manatee may get some answers concerning their current battle with KB Home during a condo association meeting tonight at 6 p.m.

The meeting is not open to the public.

Willowbrook residents have requested KB Home, the developer of the community, to buy back their homes citing construction issues with their balconies and interior damage due to water intrusion. Over the past week, Manatee County inspectors have ruled 20 balconies unsafe. The balconies are the property of the Willowbrook condo association.

KB Home sent a subcontracting company to the community last week to block access to the unsafe decks, but several residents refused. If the unsafe decks are not addressed within the next few weeks, Manatee County government will have to step in.

The association submitted a claim to KB Home regarding damages, but the details of that claim have not been made available. Sanjay Kurian, the attorney representing the association, has declined to comment on the situation.

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