Monday, May 7, 2012

No-parking signs along Post Boulevard to help keep everyone safe at Premier Sports Campus

No-parking signs now line Post Boulevard at the entrance to Premier Sports Campus at Lakewood Ranch. (Herald file photo)
Those new no-parking signs along Post Boulevard at the entrance to Premier Sports Campus are the result of a recommendation by George Ellington, deputy chief/fire marshal for East Manatee Fire Rescue District.

The signs went up about a month ago after Ellington wrote with a concern to Aaron Burkett, traffic operations division manager for Manatee County Public Works.

"We have found that during events, even though adequate parking is provided, cars are being parked on both sides of Post Boulevard as well as in the U.S. Post Office Parking lot," Ellington wrote.

"This road has a sharp rise to it and pedestrian traffic walking from one side of Post Boulevard to the other may not be seen by oncoming traffic from State Road 70," Ellington said.

He was also concerned about parking along 59th Avenue East, which dead-ends at Post Boulevard.

Premier Sports Campus has vast acreage and there is no reason that motorists shouldn't use the safe off-road parking that is provided.

And yes, all those cars and trucks that converge at Premier Sports Campus are a quiet testimonial to what a success it has been in its one year of existence.

Tim Mulqueen, director of sports at Lakewood Ranch, says that after the crush of traffic at a Labor Day event, organizers knew they needed to take a hard look at parking.

Changes have been made to add hundreds of additional parking spaces, while clearly marking areas where parking is not allowed, all in the name of improved safety, he said.

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