Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More to say about Lakewood Ranch's first grads

Ten years ago, the first  class at Lakewood Ranch High School graduated. (Herald file photo)
 Congratulations to the very first class at Lakewood Ranch High School which is celebrating the 10th anniversary of  their graduation with a reunion this week.

A heart-warming aspect of this story is how the class has maintained its bonds of friendship with Southeast High School students. Before there was a Lakewood Ranch High School, most of the students from East Manatee attended Southeast. Many of the students were friends from elementary school on, and only split off as 10th graders.

After the story was published Sunday, we heard from several notables. With their permission are their comments:

Roy Larson, the first principal of Lakewood Ranch, now retired, emailed to say:

"You captured the essence of LRHS and accurately conveyed that 'pioneer spirit' to your audience. Both the exceptional staff and student body embraced the challenge of 'opening' a new school. We are all stronger because of that experience and meeting those challenges; the spirit of that staff and those students flourishes at Lakewood Ranch High School today."

We also heard from  Mariella Corcuera now working in Europe. While Mariella won't be able to attend the reunion, she says her experiences at Lakewood Ranch prepared her to take her place in the modern and turbulent world.

"After LRHS, I went to USF for electrical engineering on a full scholarship, then did my Master's degree at Duke University (again on a full ride).  I currently work for the biggest European satellite company in the world within the Reception Systems group.  I transferred over to Europe (from Princeton, N.J.) when the recession hit in the U.S. as it would be a more secure job, and also because you can never go wrong with some international experience."

If you missed the story, take a look:


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