Friday, July 22, 2011

Lost Creek Apartment complex getting easier to find all the time

Lost Creek Resort Apartments rising rapidly. (Herald photo by Jim Jones)

It used to be that when you would pull out of Lakewood Ranch High School and stop at the red light, you could admire good-looking cows grazing in the pasture on the other side of Lakewood Ranch Boulevard.

The traffic light is still there, but now you see the rapidly rising 272-unit Lost Creek Resort Apartment complex.

Look for a lot more single-family housing at Lakewood Ranch, but also look for a quantum leap in the number of apartments.

If anything, Lakewood Ranch is under-served with apartment units, says Milt Flinn, president of LWR Communities.

Prime potential tenants include all those students at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine attending class nearby, as a well as anyone already in the work force.

So, just how fast is the Lost Creek Apartment complex going up? See for yourself. Here are photos from the site published the last week of June, and a new photo taken within the last week.

Lost Creek Resort Apartment construction site in late June. (Herald photo by Jim Jones)

For more on the developer of the new apartment complex, see Sara Kennedy's story below:


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