Thursday, December 17, 2009

East-side, west-side, all around town

I had never met Ellie Ohlman until this week, and it was only for a few minutes Tuesday night at Lakewood Ranch Main Street.

Ellie was present to help welcome the Bradenton Marauders to town. The new Florida State League baseball team is part of the Pittsburgh Pirates organization. Ellie was there as Miss Lakewood Ranch High School, in the company of her mother and several members of the high school baseball team.

By this time, I would probably have already forgotten I had met Ellie, except for an answer she gave me when I asked her about the Marauders.

"It's exciting for Manatee County. I hope it will help bring the community together," she said.

And then I asked her about the Manatee High School Hurricanes and their quest for a state football championship.

"It's exciting, even though it's not my school," Ellie said.

Sometimes we, as a county, forget that there is a lot more that unites us, rather than divides us.

Go 'Canes! You have an entire county rooting for you.


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