Friday, November 20, 2009

It does make a difference

At the annual Church Women United Migrant Tea today, there were a couple of young men in the audience: Roy Garcia and Tomas Carrillo, both Lakewood Ranch High School graduates.

They are sons of farmworkers, with one spending part of his growing years at Falkner Farms near Myakka City and the other at Harllee Farms, at what later became Heritage Harbour.

Both have since gone on to college and are trying to help other children of farmworkers stay in school and get their education.

Friday, the chuch women were serenaded by preschoolers from Redlands Christian Migrant Association.

The blankets, clothing, and cookies the church women gave the youngsters are much appreciated in the farmworker community, Carrillo and Garcia said.

"It's wonderful and very beneficial to the migrant farmworker families and kids," Carrillo said. "They greatly appreciate everything given to them."

It's a bumpy road farmworker families travel in helping harvest U.S. crops. The church women helped smooth the way Friday.


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