Monday, July 6, 2009

No leaning on columns?

It was a sign mounted on an outdoor walkway at a shopping center in Deerfield Beach Sunday. It read "No cigarettes or leaning on columns." No problem with banning cigarettes. I wish shopping center management good luck in trying to get smokers to stop their littering. But no leaning on columns? I am an habitual leaner on walls and columns. Good luck to anyone who wants leaners to stop leaning.

Another sign that caught my eye Sunday on a daytrip from Bradenton to Boca Raton was the "no dumping" sign near Okeechobee, where someone had parked an old sofa.

Beautiful day for a drive. Modest traffic. Early morning fog giving the roadside an other-worldy appearance. East of Arcadia we saw deer twice in the early morning light, enjoying the grass along the roadside. Maybe because the woods were so flooded we surmised.

It's Monday. Back to work.


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